On the clip of Christophe Maé


On March 3, 2017, singer Christophe Maé unveiled the song “Marcel” dedicated to his second little boy. His clip, all in poetry, plunges us into a childish world full of dreams. However, from the first seconds of the clip, something seems familiar to us… Could it be a painting by Julien Durix?!

An artistic partnership between Christophe Maé and Julien is born. Indeed, the world and the characters that have inspired Julien for so long come to life in this universe of childlike sweetness in which the singer immerses us.

This gigantic 5-meter fresco depicts these characters who are, for some of us, Proust’s madeleines. We find Chaplin, the Indian and his colors, Dali, or even Marilyn Monroe, who come alive to music full of tenderness.

We can only appreciate this meeting between these two artists whose collaboration, based on the work of Julien Durix, plunges us back into our childhood dreams.

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