The work tribute to our super heroes!


With the complicity of Galeries Bartoux, the work “Everyday Heroes” raised €7,800, which was donated in full to La Fondation de France.
Following Julien’s post, many of you wrote to us. We then decided to offer you the work “Everyday Heroes” in a limited edition of 300 copies.

Always wishing to remain united, Julien and his team have decided to make a donation for the purchase of each limited edition of this work to La Fondation de France.


– Donation of 10€ for the limited edition 50×70 cm
– Donation of 20€ for the premium edition 100×70 cm


All donations collected by La Fondation de France will be intended to help healthcare staff, in hospitals or not. This will allow the purchase of equipment to increase reception capacities in hospitals for patients and their families, to help the daily lives of caregivers, to develop research in order to find treatments for Covid-19, but also to support associations that help people in difficulty (elderly people on their own, people with mental disorders, homeless people, etc.)

Let’s be heroes too, support them and stay at home.


Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Julien Durix and his team
© 2022 – Julien Durix – All rights reserved – Legal Notices & CGV

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